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Financial Literacy for our Children

Commentary: Research has shown that one of the roadblocks seniors face in setting aside adequate savings needed to retire is the financial help that their adult children may unexpectedly need. One way of working to reduce those occasions where financial assistance is...

Keeping it Simple

Commentary: We have always tried to keep things simple, and so were thrilled to read this week’s article where a member of the faculty at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research has shown the adage “the simpler, the better” when it comes to retirement...

Are you at Risk for Living Too Long?

Commentary: The title of this week’s article caught my eye because most news articles nowadays are telling us we are at risk of shortening our life because of COVID; but of course the article was talking about longevity risk. What exactly is that? “The old line in...

Positive Impact

Today’s article shows us a new survey finding “that 39% of men and 47% of women in the U.S. report they are spending less during the coronavirus pandemic than they did before the crises. And more than half of Americans ages 55 to 64 – those closest to retirement age –...

Decide when to start

So many people are talking about retiring and hoping to do it soon that I thought to share with you an article that discusses those items in a check list form that you need to think about and pick the choices that work best for your situation. While medicare coverage...

Especially Trying

This week’s report from the Brookings Institute authors reflects on the impact of the coronavirus and tells us “As painful as this episode has been for all Americans, it has also been especially trying for older individuals.” If you read any newspaper it is as if we...

An all-encompassing view

This week’s article makes a valid point, that “safeguarding financial wellness requires an all-encompassing view of a person. This means considering their tangible assets (including savings and property), but also less tangible assets such as health, skills and career...

More Fiscally Conservative Yet Simultaneously More Freeing

More Fiscally Conservative Yet Simultaneously More Freeing This week’s article tells a story we are all too familiar with: “Approaching retirement at age 65, John and Jill Smith realized their monthly income from Social Security and pensions total $700 less than their...

Causing Worry

The ongoing pandemic is causing people to worry, “whether they are approaching their retirement age or just starting out in their career – anxious about their finances, and retirement plans. This is the reason why more and more people are increasingly considering...

Some Critical Moves

This week’s article points out that “Social Security payments are one of the biggest assets that most people have,” and “how you handle that income has an important impact on an overall plan.” A “critical move” that is highlighted is not only to know your full...




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